We are a group of active divers in Lombardy, Italy. We embrace the pedagogy of GUE (Global Underwater Explorers) in our diving, we pursue its objectives by sharing its philosophy.

A brief history

Renato Preda founded NCD in October of 2001 after attending the first Fundamentals course held in Italy. Besides Renato, Fabio Leonardi and Marco Biasotto were the other original members of the club. They were joined by Nicola Monzino in 2003.

The group eventually split up, due to divergent interests of its members, but NCD held on thanks to its founding member and a new operative team was formed in September of 2010.

In November of 2011, NCD became a legally recognized Amateur Athletic Association in order to receive sponsorships that would enable its members to develop projects that would require more funding than the one the members themselves could furnish.

The group currently has nineteen members, seven of which operate in the water: Ando, Fabri, Ferru, Foxed, Red 1, Steve, Tato, W67.

Why North Central Divers?

“In 2001, there was a Triestine club (WDS), active for many years, to whom goes all my kindness and gratitude for introducing me and many other divers in Italy to the DIR system, that reported to the North Eastern Divers association. In Liguria, there was a North West Divers club that espoused this new approach to diving. When it came time to choose a name for our group, we considered many other options and, among many ideas that could be translated into a name or a logo, the only one left was this one. Basically, we picked the name that survived the longest in our deliberations.” - Renato Preda