We are committed to identifying projects that would act as a "unifying thread" for our underwater activity.

There is a big difference between diving simply to "sightsee" and diving to devote one's time in the water to surveying, to measuring, to moving and repositioning objects, or to traveling great distances.

Although we are not professionals and have fun in our work, we always try to attach some useful or instructive purpose to our dives and to our (frequent) training sessions and other operations.

The projects that we currently have in place are:

  • Project Gallery

A project that involves the mapping of a stretch of coastline of Lake Sebino.

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  • Project Baseline (a GUE initiative)

Since April 2013 we have been active as the Site Manager of the project "Lake Iseo."

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  • Clean seabeds

A project that organizes activities in tandem with other local entities for the protection of lake basins and inland waters.

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