Project Baseline

A global project

PB Lake Iseo

Since April of 2013, we have been proudly playing an active role as volunteers in this project of truly global dimensions.

What is Project Baseline?

Project Baseline is an environmental protection initiative. PB, along with GUE, offers support to its volunteers by providing a platform for recording observations and surveys of underwater areas of interest in a single database. PB began as an initiative by cave divers and it has expanded to include contributions from divers working in open water and inland water basins. PB encourages volunteer divers to record and catalogue their observations in its database in a systematic and coherent fashion so that anyone can consult the data and observe trends in the conservation status of specific areas over time.

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As an initial step, in compliance with PB protocol, we will channel all of our observations and work for "Project Gallery" into this new endeavor, installing several observation stations along the Tavernola "Horn".

Article describing how Project Gallery flows into Project Baseline

At a later stage, we will extend our research to other areas of interest identified along the shores of Lake Iseo.

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