Who are we?

The North Central Divers association was founded in October 2001 in order to form a unified operating group of individuals who could work together in an underwater environment with comparable levels of codified training and skill. In brief, according to the DIR system embraced by NCD, the essential premise of our approach is the availability of a team understood as an ensemble of individuals who have a similar level of preparation and sufficient experience to enable them to operate well within their comfort zone following simple, unambiguous and well-defined procedures. Nowhere more than in scuba diving is it true that "a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.

For these reasons, NCD has chosen to adopt the teaching pedagogy of Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) and to dive according to the standards that GUE has defined and established.

The objectives that our group pursues, in harmony with the teaching of GUE, are as follows:

  • To put together a diving team that is competent, qualified and informed
  • To conduct underwater exploration at the local level
  • To advance scientific research
  • To safeguard the entirety of our aquatic environment

In order to achieve these goals, in November 2011 the NCD became a recognized Amateur Athletic Association so that it could increase its operational capability by acquiring new resources through sponsorships.

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