How to join us

Why joining us?

Anyone who may be interested in the aquatic environment is a potential associate of ours. There are countless activities that one could perform that require a minimum amount of dedication and competence but that are essential to the functioning of a team.

If you enjoy new adventures... you're one of us!

Our goal is to form the most complete working group possible and this requires team members with specific skills who are often called upon to play different roles; thus, both those working in the water (divers, support divers) and those working on the surface (surface managers, equipment specialists, archive researchers, etc.) are essential members of the squad.

For divers

Our team has a vested interest in facilitating the development of new members and thus we hold regular training sessions so that motivated divers can learn basic techniques and acquire necessary skills. Our divers must be willing to work in a group, they must have basic equipment that conforms to standards, and they are expected to attend training courses founded in GUE pedagogy.

For the other ones...

If you have talents that you feel are relevant to what we do, contact us! Many of our activities require specialized skills. For example:

  • Expert graphic designers or draftsmen who can make field surveys and sketches
  • individuals who are interested in the mechanics and upkeep of equipment who can work with our team by maintaining our regulators, compressors, scooters, torches and everything else we use underwater
  • Outdoor enthusiasts who can provide surface assistance during our dives
  • ... and the list goes on :-)

If you are interested in joining our team, apply to the Association through our Contact page. Your request will be given full consideration and you will be contacted as soon as possible.