Consider supporting us...

Athletic associations like ours, even when made up of enthusiastic and highly motivated members, cannot take on the heavy financial burden that is required for this type of activity.

The costs concerning technical gases, equipment, logistics and transportation, as well as those of maintaining equipment and compressors, are difficult for individual members to sustain.

For this reason, we are always looking for organizations that are interested in what we do and that are willing to offer contributions, to which we're offering as follows:

  • Advertisements visible in public forums, such as conventions, trade shows, and membership events, as well as displays of promotional literature wherever NCD is working in an official informative or publicity capacity.
  • Publicity through word of mouth by club members.
  • Publication of information about our corporate sponsors on our homepage with links to their websites.
  • Invoices of advertising contracts for sponsors so they can receive tax benefits provided by law for businesses and individuals.